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All of our products are manufactured in our factory which creates better logistics and work conditions, therefore, we need to spend less energy, material, time and money compared to ordinary on-site housing. Our products are designed to use sustainable and recyclable materials. We use water-saving shower and toilet in our products which enables you to save about 65% of your water consumption. 


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Smart Design

To make less impact on our nature we need to build less but smarter. Multifunctional and compact design lets you use your tiny house for many different purposes. We have several smart home packages to control your devices by your phone even when you away. Our compact fixture and furniture save space when they out of use, so you can live comfortably.   

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  • 4 in 1 investment

  • Live big in a tiny house

  • Multifunctional

  • Compact

  • Comfortable


Plenty of space in your kitchen.

The cabinet doors equipped with clickable button locks so they don't open when you on the go. The drawer on the bottom is designed to fit your foldable dining-set, stools, and ladder when you don't use them.


  • Compact Owen

  • Fridge (comfortable for 2 people)

  • Smell extractor

  • Hot plates

  • Small dishwasher (optional)

  • Inbuilt speakers (optional)

Storage and function.

The wardrobe is designed to conceal the stair to the bedroom. It can be opened and closed in an instant. The technical compartment is right below it with smoke detector and other safety features. A spacious, double wardrobe is situated on their side which is perfect to store your clothes and accessories. All the doors are lockable with an easy to click-in lock.


Roll down your window blinds to turn your living room into a home cinema. The inner side of the blind is made of white canvas so it provides a perfect surface for your projector.

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A sliding door separates your bathroom from your living area.


Minimalistic bathroom with a simple layout.


  • Washing basin

  • Basin cabinet

  • Wall mirror

  • Adjustable energy and water-saving shower

  • Water-saving toilet (optional)

  • Floor drain

  • Water repellent cork surfaces

  • Spa timber finishes(optional)

  • Several color options

Today, with ever-growing property prices it is hard for youngsters to set foot among homeowners. With SusTiny, you don't have to step into long term mortgages or tied to a location. It can be an extension to your family house or a guest house. You can connect it with family and friend's Sustiny tiny house to get more space. You dont have to buy a land, The plot-finder helps you to get a land for your stay, so we contacting land owners and exploring opportunities for you.

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Pair with family members and friends

In order to pair your tiny homes, you need to have a side A and B. The pairing can be done in an hour. It can double up your floor area from 22 sqm to 44 which is very comfortable for a small or start-up family. Even so because of the great ceiling height and bright surfaces. 

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Attach to your house to extend the space

The kids want to move out or you need a room for your guests? Attach your tiny house primarily or temporarily to your house in an hour.

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Detach from your house for your kids or guests

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