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Off-grid system

The off-grid systems consist of monocrystalline solar panels which more efficient than polycrystalline ones. An inverter/charger transforms the DC power from your solar system into AC for your devices and batteries. The Inverter/charger will be measure accordingly to your use of your electrical devices and the size of your solar panels.



  • 6x Lithium-ion batteries

  • Inverter/charger

  • Smart battery monitor

  • Monocrystalline solar panels (4X305W)

  • Smart solar charge controller

We use li/ion batteries which is far more efficient than AGM batteries. AGM batteries would not fit into the technical compartment to give you acceptable performance.

A smart battery monitor displays the charge status and extends the lifespan of your batteries.

We created 3 options for off-grid systems based on our experience with customer needs.


  • 4x Lithium-ion batteries

  • Inverter/charger

  • Smart battery monitor

  • Monocrystalline solar panels (2X305W)

  • Smart solar charge controller

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An overhang, is a crucial element in passive solar design because it blocks the sun’s heat energy when it is not desired. Because the sun travels different paths across the sky in the winter (low) and summer (high) time, an overhang can be constructed to utilize and manipulate the heat energy from the sun.

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A garden always a good idea. It is aesthetic, cozy and also allows you to plant your own food. You don't have to leave your plants behind and ask friends to take care of them. If you want to live remotely, this could be very essential, so you will always have your fruits and vegetables around. The sides of the overhang are made of rustproof perforated metal, so you can hag up your plant pots and create a vertical garden to maximize the space. It can also prevent heat to penetrate inside the summer and enables it in the winter, so you can save energy on cooling and heating.

It is a continuation of the roof and its very aesthetic Scandinavian look. It will act as a passive house feature to reduce the heat gets inside in the summer and maximize it in the winter, so you always feel comfortable meanwhile saving energy.

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  • Roof (U=0,59 W/m2K)

  • Wall (U=0,62 W/m2K)

  • Floor (U=0,16 W/m2K)

  • Window Frame (U=0,1 W/m2K)

  • Window Glazing (U=0,25 W/m2K)

  • Overall Energy Performance Coming soon!


  • Roof (U=0,45 W/m2K)

  • Wall (U=0,47 W/m2K)

  • Floor (U=0,1 W/m2K)

  • Window Frame (U=0,1 W/m2K)

  • Window Glazing (U=0,25 W/m2K)

  • Overall Energy PerformanceComing soon!


  • Roof (U=0,25 W/m2K)

  • Wall (U=0,27 W/m2K)

  • Floor (U=0,06 W/m2K)

  • Window Frame (U=0,1 W/m2K)

  • Window Glazing (U=0,25 W/m2K)

  • Overall Energy Performance   Coming soon!

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Electric system

You can be connected to utilities when you are at home just as easy as any caravan. It features a smart LED internal lightning and also external towing lights. Apart from the smart lights, you can ask for several other smart home systems, so you don't have to worry about your tiny house when you are away. Control all your home systems remotely with your phone or voice.



Under surface heating

This heating can be concealed under your surfaces whether its the floor or wall. It will radiate the heat through the material. We recommend this feature to be installed in the wall as it will heat up a thinner material and it will perform better. 

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Removable Panel heating

Neo is a design award-winner energy-saving and has been the bestselling panel heater in Scandinavia since it was launched in 2007. It has integrated Wi-Fi, so that you can control our heaters easily via the Adax Wi-Fi app, directly on your smartphone. You can quickly adjust the temperature in your home, for a single room or single heater with a single click. It is very easy to mount on your wall when it gets cold. 

Smart LED

It's not only the depth of color but the multicolor within the one light strip that makes LIFX smart LED lights unique. Zones make animation on a strip possible.

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Lifx smart light strip.JPG

All LIFX lights work with all major voice assistants. Whether using a smart speaker or just your phone. Change color, dim, on/off and lots more.


We use 3 types of LED lights. Each type has different warmth and therefore you can choose the inner atmosphere. 

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We can install different lights in different areas in your tiny house. For example, you might want cold lights (6000K) in the kitchen but warmer (3000K) in your bedroom.

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from kitchen to all EAMES dining CLOSED.

White fixtures

The outer case of all the fixtures are made out of very aesthetic plywood and in order to maintain the stability and quality the inner structure is made out of highly durable heat and water-tolerant plywood.

Black fixtures

In case you want more contrast indoors, we can treat the fixtures with water-based black/ dark grey timber paint.  

from kitchen to all EAMES dining CLOSED



SusTiny foldable dining set

The foldable dining-set is a great idea if you looking for minimalistic and solid dining. It can be packed into your kitchen cabinet, therefore you can free up space for other activities than dining. They made out of aesthetic plywood with black painted steel reinforcement. The fabric backrest will ensure of your comfort when you decided to lean back. 

Other dining-set

You can, of course, choose your own dining but its likely to be in your way very often and therefore you would have less space for other activities. Also, when it comes to transport since you likely to not able to pack this furniture safely, it can damage your tiny house during your journey. 




SusTiny foldable stools

The foldable stools are a great idea if you don't want to have them in your way all the time. You can just fold them and put them into the kitchen cabinet in a second. They made out of aesthetic plywood with black painted steel reinforcement.  

Other stools

Other types of bar stools are also compatible with our kitchen, but we would recommend our foldable stools because they can be packed easily and therefore you would transport them safely.




Foldable ladder

In order to enter your mezzanine to enjoy your coffee with a great view, you need to have a ladder. Our foldable ladder is designed especially for the tiny house. The ladder can be folded into a "stick" and packed into the kitchen cabinet. It is made out of durable plywood.

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Water system

The water system consists of a shower, a toilet, and a water heater. It can be connected directly to water supply and sewage or you can use the inbuilt water tanks with a maximum 400 liters of freshwater.


Nebia creates a better shower experience while saving you thousands of gallons of water each year. Crafted from anodized, rust-proof aluminum, it is refined yet tough enough to withstand years of use.

The Tecma Privilege generous in size and extremely comfortable meanwhile perfectly fits the contemporary style.


A new design of the wall-mounted Evolution toilet with the same proven concept as the Tecma Evolution. The ceramics have an updated sleek design.


Basic wall mounted toilet in 2 colors with glossy porcelain finish.

Control your heated water from anywhere with Ariston Velis Evo Wifi. It is available in 50, 80 or 100 Liters capacity.



Ariston  Kairos Thermo HF


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External storage

Need extra space for your stuff? Order external storage where you can store sports equipment, tools ect...

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Do you already have a terrace but its too short to connect your tiny house? Ask for a terrace extension module. 

Detachable trailers

Like the idea of mobility but now you looking for something more permanent? No problemo. We can build your tiny house on a detachable trailer so you can easily take it down and up again. For more details contact us.

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